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Ear Care

  • Thornit Ear Powder

    Thornit Ear Powder

    This powder is used for ear mites and their complications such as itching, in dogs cats and small animals. Itchy ears are usually caused by an ear mite which also creates blobs of wax that can be seen in the ear. These blobs can also weep and smell...

  • Show Tech Ear Care Solution 250ml

    Show Tech Ear Care Solution 250ml

    Ear cleaning solution.Based on essential oils, Show Tech Ear Care stimulates the circulation and works quickly to dissolve ear wax and build up while reducing unpleasant odors. Simply apply  a few drops and massage the ear gently before cleaning...

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  • Show Tech Ear Wipes 60pcs

    Show Tech Ear Wipes 60pcs

    Specially formulated with aloe vera & lanolin to clean ear wax and other ear discharge. Daily use helps prevent infection and minimize ear odor. 12.5x20cm. These scented wipes have a pleasant baby powder fragrance. Pack of 60 wipes come in a...

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  • Artero Aurigel 100ml

    Artero Aurigel 100ml

    Otic cleaning gel promotes hygiene of the external ear and auricular canal Eliminates dirt and excess earwax avoiding unpleasant odours and possible infections. Contains Tea-Tree Oil. CANNOT SHIP OUTSIDE IRELAND.

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  • Show Tech Ear Powder 30gr

    Show Tech Ear Powder 30gr

    Gives relief from irritated, itching ears of nonparasitic origin. Dries wet ears and helps inhibit bacteria growth caused by moist ear environments. Stops ear odors. Designed specially to help grip and remove excess unwanted hair from the ear canal.

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  • Wahl Easy Ear 500ml

    Wahl Easy Ear 500ml

    Wahl Easy Ear is a free flowing cleansing fluid based on natural ingredients which contains no harmful detergents or cleaners. It removes dust, dirt and ear wax with little rubbing. Active natural ingredients include Aloe Vera gel and menthol to soothe...

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