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Nail Care

  • Nail Cutter Deluxe Large

    Nail Cutter Deluxe Large

    High quality tools feature stainless steel blades with a heavy duty spring and positive locking mechanism. The safety stop may be used to ensure that only the correct amount of nail is removed, reducing the risk of cutting into the quick and causing the...

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  • Trimmex 30g

    Trimmex 30g

    This is a must-have blood stopping powder for all those little accidents that happen from time to time when cutting pets nails. This is one of the best selling products in our range. Groomer essential Bestseller Easy to use Quick &...

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  • Wahl EZ Nail

    Wahl EZ Nail

    Revolutionary nail clipper and rotary filer all-in-one. Scissor style nail clipper with adjustable guard plus soft touch grip and battery operated rotary nail file. Includes additional grinding bit, 1 AA battery.    

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  • Show Tech Stop Bleed 14gr

    Show Tech Stop Bleed 14gr

    Apply a pinch of styptic powder to the bleeding area, using moderate pressure until bleeding stops. Do not use in deep wounds, body cavities or burns. If bleeding does not stop, consult a veterinarian.

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  • Show Tech Stainless Steel Nail FIle

    Show Tech Stainless Steel Nail FIle

    Dogs nails are much harder and thicker than human nails and require a special kind of file. These extra strong and coarse nail files have been designed specifically for pets.Special stainless steel model with unique diamond crystal surface

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  • Wahl Electric Nail Grinder and File

    Wahl Electric Nail Grinder and File

    Mains power for high performance. Files nails quickly and effectively. Eliminates the need for nail clippers. Ideal for trimming, shaping and smoothing rough nails for large and small pets. Grinding and Polishing accessories...

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  • Show Tech Nail Cutter Guillotine

    Show Tech Nail Cutter Guillotine

    Precision guillotine cutting action allows the hardened steel blade to quickly and easily trim even the thickest of nails. Foam rubber grips provide super comfort for the groomer. Suitable for all breeds large and small. 

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