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  • Andis 7.5" Steel Comb

    Andis Steel comb ideal for all type dogs.This 7.5" comb is ideal for all size cats and dogs. The option of coarse and fine teeth helps to remove tangles, matts, loose hair and dirt. Stimulates skin and hair follicles. Perfect for finishing and fluffing...

  • CombiComb

    High quality multi-functional comb. 19cm long with 3cm teeth. Tooth spacing is a combination of fine and coarse. Recommended for general use and for lifting the hair before scissoring. 

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  • Ideal Dog Rotating and Retracting Comb

    This new comb feature spring loaded pins which cling to the contours of the animal allowing the groomer to completely penetrate the coat without fear of hurting the dog. Teeth rotate to reduce resistance and improve comfort for dog and groomer...

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  • Needle Comb

    This pincomb is used at dog shows to prepare topknots. The length of the comb is 21cm, each tooth is 1,6cm long and teeth are spaced at 1mm.

  • Oster Coarse Comb with Handle

    Features a sturdy, ergonomic handle for better control and comfort when combing thick, heavy coats on larger breeds. Great for standard Poodles, Old English Sheepdogs, and Newfoundlands. Made of aluminium.

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  • Resco #80 Dematting Comb

    High quality American made comb. Each tooth is of hardened steel pressed through the shank and and nickel plated to glide through the coat. The length of the comb is 16cm long comb features 3.5cm teeth spaced 0.5cm from each other. Large, comfortable,...

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