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Frames and Arms

  • CCP Full Adjustable Frame Spoon Clamps

    CCP Full Adjustable Frame Spoon Clamps

    New design which has a larger base that attaches to the table for extra stability. This adjustable frame fits most tables between 90cm and 120cm long. Comes with two nooses. Maximum height from table surface 103cm. This frame can be...

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  • CCP Hose Holder

    Flexible arm to fit onto most tables up to 40mm thick. It holds the blaster hose to give the groomer both hands to work on the dog.

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  • CCP Single Frame

    Square section heavily chrome-plated steel tube makes this control post extra strong and prevents the post from turning with the movement of the dog. The arm reaches further over the table than most other models and is equipped with 2 reinforced, fixed...

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