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Bathing Accessories

  • CCP Pet Healing Shower Head

    CCP Pet Healing Shower Head

    New product that prevents water splash with its silicone cover. It lathers the shampoo easily and gives an enjoyable massage to your pet. The massaging nobs on the shower head aid in cleaning coats that are matted and full of dirt.Saves on...

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  • Double suction bath restraint

    Two heavy duty nylon straps, adjustable in length, with chrome bolt snap on one end and large suction cup at the other end. Suction cups grip securely to any smooth, flat surface and are strong enough to restrain even the largest breeds.    

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    Magic Towel

    Magic Towel

    This unique micro porous technology absorbs 50% more water than other towels, in much less time, to dry pets ultra-fast! Super strong - reinforced to prevent ripping & tearing. Wrings out easily - pet hair simply rinses or shakes off. Soft and...

  • Pro Safety Sprayer

    New professional safety sprayer features a flexible and lightweight -spring- hose which actually changes colour (from blue to red) if the water becomes too hot! Essential equipment for all groomers, the spray head has 9 different spray patterns for...

  • Show Tech Dry Dude Pet Towel - Extra Large

    Show Tech Dry Dude Pet Towel - Extra Large

    The new Dry Dude is a revolutionary aid for groomers and breeders. Made from high quality micro-fibre the Dry Dude has an elasticated neck band and is worn by the dog after bathing. The dog's feet fit into pockets which keep the dry dude in place...

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