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  • Double K 9000 II Stand Dryer Double K 9000 II Stand Dryer

    Double K 9000 II Stand Dryer

    A Dryer is the most important purchase a groomer will make for their business. There are 3 types of dryer available: blasters, finishing dryers and combination dryer/blaster. For the start up groomer, we recommend a combination machine, which will give...

  • Double K Cage Dryer

    Double K Cage Dryer

    This revolutionary cage dryer eliminates the worry of subjecting pets to extreme heat or cold. A patent-pending, sophisticated low voltage sensor monitors the air temperature within the cage and sends a signal to the unit's controller, activating or...

  • CCP Finishing Stand Dryer

    CCP Finishing Stand Dryer

    This 2200W stand dryer has a brushless motor ideal for heavy duty work in grooming salons! With a negative ion generator this dryer will dry dogs much faster. It comes with a stand on wheels and has brakes for stability. It has two switches; a...

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  • CCP Stand Dryer

    CCP Stand Dryer

    Stand Dryer with a power of 1220 - 2300W. It has a heat switch and air flow viarator. A rigid hose can be attached to allow hands free drying. Accessories include hose with 3 attachments. Comes with stand for ease of use and mobility. 12 months limited...

  • CCP Bulldog Stand Dryer

    CCP Bulldog Stand Dryer

    Combi-dryer / blaster. Can be mounted on stand (90 - 130cm) or detached for portability. Two power settings, 1200 and 2200W. Speed can be altered with dial and two heat settings via switch. Three interchangeable nozzles attach to the extendable hose...

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