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Finishing, Conditioning, and Anti-static Sprays

  • Techniliss 300ml

    Techniliss 300ml

    This powerful antistatic detangling conditioner gives softness, radiance and shininess to dogs (Yorkies, Lhassas, Afghans, Shi-tzus, Cockers, Bichons, Caniches) and cats (Persians, Chinchillas, Birmans, Angoras). It detangles, covers and softens the...

  • Matex 400ml

    Matex 400ml

    This unique product helps remove and prevent mats. Works like a conditioner to repair and nourish the coat. The moisturising effect of Matex considerably reduces the chance of new mats forming, while strengthening and protecting the coat from drying out...

  • Mr Groom Show Groom Conditioner 311g

    Mr Groom Show Groom Conditioner 311g

    Sunscreen mink oil and vitamin E By mr groom Show groom helps restore and maintain the natural moisture balance through the penetrating action of mink oil, vitamin e and other conditioninG factors. Dry, Flaky skin becomes smooth and supple. Sunscreen...

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  • Mr Groom Coat and Skin Conditioner 311g

    Mr Groom Coat and Skin Conditioner 311g

    Recommended by vets, handlers and groomers. This non-greasy, lanolin-rich conditioner absorbs into the skin to help reduce dryness and flakiness, as it conditions the coat to a healthy shine. Smells fresh and clean. May also be used for loosening mats...

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  • Artero Flash Conditioning Spray 300ml

    Artero Flash Conditioning Spray 300ml

    Spray that gives an extraordinary shine and silky effect to all type of coats. The careful selection of its ingredients give Flash a non-greasy, conditioning effect which makes it an ideal softener for dry coats. The result is a shiny film that prevents...