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  • Durabed Large

    Durabed Large

    Super Strong Durabed frame beds are designed to hold up to 110kg and keep pets elevated off cold floors and away from drafts (draughts). Dogs love the padded Durabed, especially because the high side walls give them a cosy, secure feeling. Easy home...

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  •  Natural Straw Pellet Bedding NEW!

    Natural Straw Pellet Bedding NEW!

    100% natural straw.Heat Treated.No additives.Super fast absorption.Virtually dust free.No spores, mold or bacteria.Creates a springy non slip bed.Breaks down in 4 to 6 weeks so no large unsightly manure heaps.This natural straw based bedding makes a...

  • Heat Lamp Armature Only

    Heat Lamp Armature Only

    Armature for heat lamp. Ideal for suspending over the whelping box to keep newborn and young puppies warm. Supplied complete with 2.5m cable with plug and special suspension chain.