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Dog Coats And Accessories

  • Show Tech Snood Luxe

    The Snood is the ultimate aid when grooming your dog, it keeps the ears up out of the way so you can easily work on the neck and shoulders. Snoods also protect the coat and ears, keeping everything clean and preventing ears from trailing on the ground or...

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  • Show Tech Snood Luxe Large

    Show Tech Snood Luxe Large

    Prevents your dog's ears from trailing on the ground or falling into feeding or drinking bowls at mealtimes. Also useful for groomers to hold the dog's ears up out of the way while scissoring the neck and chest of poodles for example. Highly recommended...

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  • Show Tech Waterproof Suit Luxe

    Show Tech Waterproof Suit Luxe

    These waterproof suits can be adjusted on the chest, waist neck and legs to guarantee a comfortable fit for all breeds whilst allowing the dog maximum freedom of movement. This new design also features a higher collar to keep your dog dry...

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  • Show Tech Waterproof Suits

    A nylon trousers suit. 100% waterproof with elastic cuffs for the paws. A zip fastens the suit around the dog. To choose the most suitable size for your dog, measure from the bottom of the neck to the base of the tail, and choose the nearest size.

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