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Detanglers & Conditioners

  • #1 All Systems Product Stabilizer 3.8lt

    Coat re-texturizer and skin refresher.Product Stabilizer is recommended for those dogs with problem skin either due to parasites / fleas, dermatitis, old dog skin, or where harsh chemicals have been used. This product is recommended to help restore and...

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  • Biogroom Super Foam Coat Dressing 425g

    This Lanolin enriched styling mousse gives body and hold to the coat while leaving it full and manageable. Excellent for all breeds, it never leaves hair feeling stiff, tacky, or oily. Easy wet and dry combing. No build up on the coat. Does not contain...

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  • Biogroom Waterless bath 236ml

    No rinse shampoo.This easy to use shampoo requires NO wetting or rinsing. it is enhanced with optical brighteners, and it highlights all natural colours adding intense luster to the coat. It cleans gently, removes stains, and is especially valuable for...

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  • Chris Christensen Systems Ice on Ice RTU 473ml

    Leave-in detangler and finishing spray.ICE ON ICE is a leave in coat conditioner and finishing spray.Ice On Ice puts a protective barrier on the outside of the hair strand and locks in moisture, it is not oily and repels dirt, dust, rain, urine from...

  • Crown Royale Magic Touch R-T-U 473ml

    Gives a natural brilliance without a greasy feel. Allows the coat to be brushed into place with fantastic ease, doesn't snarl and is totally static free. Magic touch is especially formulated with natural silicones to keep coat from matting. It can be...

  • Show Tech + Quick Fix Spray RTU 500 ml

    This amazing product provides the solution for the most frequent coat problems…. Makes dematting easy! Quick Fix spray lubricates the coat, breaking down matts by smoothing each hair to reduce resistance when brushing. This unique product is...

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  • Techni Mat 400ml

    4 in 1 Conditioner. Detangling conditioner with hydrating agent and is antistatic and oil free. Ideal for grooming dogs with matted or coarse hair.4 in 1 Conditioner. Detangling conditioner with hydrating agent and is antistatic and oil free. Ideal for...

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  • The STUFF R-T-U

    The stuff is a unique hair conditioner with an amazing, dematting formula. Its hypoallergenic formula conditions and protects coat while removing and preventing tangles. This incredible solution repels dirt,dust and urine to keep pets coat longer. Use...

  • Wahl D'Knot Spray Gallon

    D'Knot Spray is a professional strength dematting spray. It makes brushing and combing much easier on groomer and pet. A pleasant scented excellent leave in conditioner. Formulated for dogs, cats and horses.