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Chalks, Colour Enhancements & Grooming Powders

  • Show Tech Colour Mask Colour Cream 20g

    Show Tech Colour Mask Colour Cream 20g

    This amazing cream instantly blends and enhances and may be used to cover or improve any imperfections in skin or coat. Use sparingly though… A little goes a long way! Available in 3 colours: white, black and brown. Show Tech Colour Cream is...

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  • Chris Christensen Systems Chris Stick

    Chris Christensen Systems Chris Stick

    Covers stains and flaws. Does not rub off or smear easily.Excellent coverage even after brushing through. Non-toxic.Hides unwanted coat colours.ChrisStix is not messy and allows pinpoint accuract, easy blendability, excellent coverage.Maximum staying...

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  • Dog Generation Whitening Spray

    Dog Generation Whitening Spray

    The whitening spray for cats and dogs revives the beauty of your pet’s coat by intensifying its light and brightness.It can be used before or after shampoo and does not wet nor dry out your pet’s skin.Available in 300ml spray.

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  • Tear Stick

    Tear Stick

    Coloured wax sticks, similar to cosmetic lipstick, but available in Black & White. Specially designed for covering stains and blemishes in all coat types. Especially recommended for under-eye stains, it not only covers the stain but also protects the...

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  • Showtech Magic Powder 100g

    Showtech Magic Powder 100g

    This fine cosmetic-quality powder clings to the coat and quickly absorbs excess oil. Choose the colour closest to the coat to blend away imperfections and hot spots. Unscented, Show tech Magic Powder washes out of coat and hands easily. To be applied...

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  • Cherry Knoll Chalk Block

    Cherry Knoll Chalk Block

    These coloured chalk blocks are the first choice of professional handlers around the world, and are designed specifically for the preparation of dogs for exhibition. Available in 8 different colours, Tan, Light Brown, Red Brown, Brown, Black, Grey, Cream...

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  • Show Tech English Grooming Chalk

    Show Tech English Grooming Chalk

    100% pure, white calcium carbonate specially prepared to avoid impurities. Highly absorbent for cleaning, whitening, and brightening all coat types and especially recommended for wire-haired breeds such as Westies and Fox Terriers. Box contains 500gr...

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  • Showtech Magnesium Chalk Block

    Showtech Magnesium Chalk Block

    These top quality chalk blocks are used by professionals for both whitening/lightening the coat or as an aid to hand stripping. Suitable for all coat types, for best whitening results, use together with Cherry Knoll Chalk Helper. Lightweight, magnesium...

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