Andis CeramicEDGE Blades

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The Andis Ceramic Edge Clipper Blades are engineered with advanced technology and the certified Zicronium Oxide Ceramic that Andis uses on their ceramic cutters makes these more durable than other imported ceramic clipper blades. The low heat transfer and friction index of ceramic keeps these clipper blades running 50% cooler than traditional steel blades. This allows the use of less coolant to clip longer and faster with less downtime while reducing the risk of clipper burns to pets. Compatible with Andis, Oster, Heiniger and some Wahl detachable dog clippers. CeramicEdge replacement cutters may be fitted to any Andis detachable blades making it easy to convert your existing blades to longer lasting & cooler clipping ceramics! The coarse cutter is suitable for blades 30,15,10, 8.5,7 & 5.

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