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  • Andis Horse Grooming DVD

    Andis Horse Grooming DVD

    Learn the best grooming techniques that will enable you to achieve professional results the next time you groom your horse. Dana will show you how to combine Andis quality tools with proven professional grooming techniques to ensure superior results on...

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  • Andis Dog Grooming at home DVD

    Andis Dog Grooming at home DVD

    Keep your dog looking great between grooming visits. It is now easy to achieve the professional grooming look at home. Step by step instructions to provide do it yourself pet clipping tips from the professionals. Runtime: 39mins

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  • Notes From The Grooming Table 2nd Edition

    Notes From The Grooming Table 2nd Edition

    This an updated version of the popular Notes From The Grooming Table. It has 145 more pages and 51 new breeds added. It features remastered tool section, advice on using comb guards, functions of different dog groups updated styling plus much more new...