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  • Basket Muzzle

    Basket Muzzle

    The safest kind of muzzle allows dog to pant and drink with ease. Top quality solid plastic with cushioning on the inside and an adjustable leather strap. Sold individually or in a groomers set of 10. Size indicates maximum circumference.

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  • Cat Bag

    Cat Bag

    Need an extra hand when washing cats? Use the Cat Bag! This net bag made from lightweight polyester easily allows water and shampoo through. The cat slides easily into the bag via a large opening and an adjustable neckband at the other end safely secures...

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  • Nylon Muzzle Nylon Muzzle

    Nylon Muzzle

    Strong nylon fabric muzzle which is soft and flexible. Adjustable strap with 'quick-fit' catch. Inhibits biting, chewing and barking but still allows panting and drinking. 8 sizes including special models for boxers and staffordshire bull terriers...

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