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Oils & Cleanng Solutions

  • Andis 7 in 1 Blade Care 473ml

    Andis Blade Care is specially formulated for groomers to work as a coolant, deodorizer, lubricant, cleaner, rust preventive, vitamin E enriched and decontaminant. In just seconds, it washes away hair build-up and other accumulation to leave clippers...

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  • Artero Oil Fresh 300ml

    Artero Oil-Fresh prolongs clipper and blade life! Blades produce an incredible amount of friction, which results in heat that can irritate or even burn dogs. Friction also increases the amount of strain exerted on your clipper motor. Oil-Fresh is an...

  • Show Tech Blade Guard

    Show Tech Blade Guard

    Blade Guard protects your clipper blades by lubricating and cooling while you are clipping. Cleans as it cools, this product is an unmissable accessory for all electric clippers. Blade guard has a fresh fragrance and leaves no residue in the coat. Unique...

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